The Secular Pilgrimage on the Path of Peace returns
The pilgrimage leaves the Tonale Pass on 26 July, arriving at the Bell of the Fallen in Rovereto on 9 August.

Following last year's positive experience, the "secular pilgrimage" on the Path of Peace takes place once more. Setting aside the stretch in the eastern part of Trentino, this edition will travel the other side of the province: from the Tonale Pass to the Bell of the Fallen. Almost 250 kilometres, which the pilgrims will travel between Sunday 26 July and Sunday 9 August.

Once again this year, the initiative is supported by the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, which by doing so seeks to make a significant contribution to the celebrations to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. For this second edition, the momentous anniversary coincides with ninety years of Maria Dolens.

The "Secular Pilgrimage" on the Path of Peace, following the western front and taking in the emblematic sites of the Great War, is a walk among the mountains of Trentino in the footsteps of memory, a journey from far off to arrive at the Bell of the Fallen in Rovereto, symbol of Peace in the world and daily reconciliation with ourselves and others. Evidence of the First World War can be found all over Europe: fortifications, trenches and museums, but nowhere else in the world is there anything like the Bell of the Fallen. Besides being a symbol of the tragedy of the Great War, the hundred strokes of Maria Dolens embody the message of Peace: no more war!

On Sunday 25 July a journey will begin from the Tonale Pass, and follow a route that touches the most significant sites of the western front: Mandron, Carè Alto, Trivena, Lardaro, Cadria, the fortifications of the Riva del Garda area, Altissimo, the Brentonico plateau and Creino, before arriving in Rovereto on 9 August, to the Miravalle Hill at the foot of the Bell of the Fallen. The Pilgrims will travel the length of the Path of Peace, which was created thirty years ago by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

A route not only for enthusiasts of all things connected with war, but also for people who are open to another kind of reflection on the subject of peace. The idea is to endow the Path with a soul, offering travellers not only opportunities to observe the engineering and military aspects of the war, but also motives for meditation on the human occurrences that affected soldiers on the front line, in direct and constant contact with others defined as 'enemies' and in dramatic dialogue with the problems of human existence and the mystery of death. The route's final destination is the Bell of the Fallen which, besides being a symbol of the tragedy that was the Great War, carries an exalted message of Peace in its hundred strokes. From this perspective, travelling the Path of Peace - besides being a useful physical/sports exercise in its own right and bringing touristic value to the sites of the First World War - can also be a fruitful route to personal development on the subject of peace.

In this way, the Path of Peace is seen also as a "spiritual adventure" and can help travellers and pilgrims to find in nature the symbolic elements which can lead them beyond the visible world, to an understanding of the mystery of life and death (in the very places where moving from one to the other could happen at any moment). This will be both a material and a spiritual journey, and the Bell will be the landmark for Pilgrims who travel it.

With this year's event, the project reaches its second edition, and the organisers' intention is that it should not be limited to the anniversary of the 1914-18 war, but rather constitute a lasting attraction, and even instigate a tradition that can be extended well beyond 2018.

Participation in the pilgrimage is open to all and free of charge. Participants take full responsibility for their own journey.


1° STAGE – 26 July – Tonale to Rifugio Bedole - distance 18.14 km

2° STAGE – 27 July – Rifugio Bedole to Rifugio Carè Alto - distance 23.35 km

3° STAGE – 28 July – Visit to Bocchetta del Cannone

4° STAGE – 29 July – Rifugio Carè Alto to Rifugio Trivena - distance 14.41 km

5° STAGE – 30 July – Visit to bunkers

6° STAGE – 31 July – Rifugio Trivena to Lardaro - distance 25.728 km

7° STAGE – 01 August – Lardaro to Malga Cadria - distance 11.06 km

8° STAGE – 02 August – Malga Cadria to Rifugio Pernici - distance 17.57 km
9° STAGE – 03 August – Rifugio Pernici to Torbole - distance 20.52 km

10° STAGE – 04 August – Torbole to Rifugio Altissimo - distance 17.10 km

11° STAGE – 05 August – Rifugio Altissimo to Polsa - distance 18.48 km

12° STAGE – 06 August – Polsa to Brentonico - distance 13.33 km

13° STAGE – 07 August – Brentonico to Mori - distance 8.10 km

14° STAGE – 08 August – Mori to Ronzo Chienis - distance 16.70 km

15° STAGE – 09 August - Ronzo Chienis to the Bell of the Fallen - distance 19.98 km

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