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Fifteen editions, fifteen years. Year after year, thousands of children have come together around the Bell with their teachers and school leaders to think about peace, to play and reflect.
The Educational Unity implicit in the project works because the Conference belongs to schools. This is not just a quick day trip and home again; the day at Miravalle Hill comes at the end of a demanding journey of study and research in class during everyday lessons in history and geography, language and art. It is the effort required for the trip that brings the sixty classes together. And it's wonderful to meet in Rovereto to show the world the work done over many months and to exchange impressions, comments, happiness, sunshine and thoughts of peace.
Peace and war, international solidarity and justice are the topics studied in class, according to the didactic and pedagogical choices of each teacher or group of teachers. To Rovereto - as the ultimate objective and synthesis of their journey - they carry a message and a painting. The message will be discussed by two representatives of each of the sixty classes, in groups guided by teachers and pupils from the Institute of Education; the painting will be displayed until the next Conference near the flags of the eighty-nine nations of the Bell, in full view and with a copy of the message for visitors.
In preparation for the Conference, each class taking part must produce:
- a written message 50 words long on the subject of peace, brotherhood and union between peoples, depending on the outcome of their learning activities. This can be a poem, a song or a text, to be decided by the teachers and the class itself. The text must be sent to the Bell by email or fax and must also be attached to the painting (each painting will be displayed with its associated 50-word text); furthermore, copies must be provided for the two class representatives who take part in the Conference (who will use it to support the discussion);
- a painting in any medium (acrylics, gouache etc, bearing in mind, in the choice of colours, that the work will remain on show for a year outdoors, around the Bell) referring to the written text described above. The reverse of the painting must state the school and the class, alongside the text "Children's Conference 2011" and the signatures of the artists, and should cover a canvas measuring 100 x 100 cm without margins, which is provided by the Foundation together with a pack of colours (for schools in other Italian regions, specific arrangements will be made, in order to avoid excessive shipping costs). Both the painting and the written text must be completed by Saturday 2 April 2011.. From Monday 4 April, the Foundation staff will proceed to collect these from individual schools and organise their display around the Bell. The 50-word texts will be printed, laminated and displayed to the public alongside the paintings, by the Foundation staff.
- Beethoven's Ode to Joy, in three languages, the score of which is attached. This will be sung by all participants at the conclusion of the event.
Registration is by completion and sending of the entry form by 4 November 2010.
The Conference will take place on Friday 6 May 2011, at the Peace Bell in Rovereto, from 9 o'clock onwards.
On the day, each class will leave their school between 6:30 and 8:00, according to a logistics plan which will be issued by the Bell in April 2011. All the participating groups will be collected from their schools by buses provided free of charge by the Foundation and taken to the site of the Bell. For the most distant schools, earlier departures are available, at times to be agreed with the organisers. School groups from other Italian regions will travel to Rovereto at their own expense (on request, a free shuttle service is available from the train station).
Delegates to the Conference.
On arrival at the Colle di Miravalle, two pupils from each class, previously chosen by their teachers as delegates, will be invited to take part in the Children's Conference in the Conference Room. Here the 50-word texts brought by the pupils will be discussed and a collective message drafted, which will be sent to the President of the Republic.
The presentation of paintings and texts.
While the delegates are working in the Conference Room, all the other pupils, one class at a time, will present the paintings they have produced.
Preparation of the performance on the subject of Peace
Once all the paintings have been presented, all the pupils, with the aid of a children's entertainer, will prepare a scene to be performed at the conclusion of the ceremony around the Bell.
The final ceremony
The final ceremony will begin at approximately 11 am, following the end of the Conference and the rehearsals for the performance. The pupils will read their definitive message to the President of the Republic; the Ode to Joy will be sung in three languages; lastly the drama scene will be performed, to the accompaniment of the ringing of the Bell.
The Ode to Joy
Before the performance, all the children will sing the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony. The score is attached. Teachers are asked to prepare their classes appropriately.
The return journey
At 12 o'clock, the event will conclude with the ringing of the Bell. The school groups may eat their packed lunches in the Park of the Bell before returning to their schools.
Last-minute instructions
Around the beginning of April 2011, all schools will receive an email confirming the event and the definitive programme for the morning; this will also give details of what the children need to bring with them for the performance.
Precise adherence to the deadlines and timetables is a necessary condition for the success of the event: with fifteen hundred people, we have to ensure everything goes smoothly! The event will go ahead regardless of weather conditions.
For suggestions, enquiries, information...
... regarding organisational/logistics matters, please contact Morena Berti and Marco Ferrari at the Rovereto Bell of the Fallen, at the following addresses. Educational coordination of the event takes place at the Training Centre for teachers in Rovereto, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti
Colle di Miravalle - 38068  Rovereto,
Morena Berti and Marco Ferrari Tel.0464/434412, Fax.0464/434084 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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