The city of Rovereto is home to the great Bell of the Fallen, Maria Dolens, which stands on the Miravalle Hill and was conceived by Don Rossaro and made using bronze from cannons donated by the nations involved in the First World War.
The Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, currently headed by Alberto Robol, was created as a body and acknowledged by the President of the Republic, Giuseppe Saragat, by means of a presidential decree on 18 January 1968.
Within the Foundation's aims there is a particular focus on the education of new generations in the culture of peace, non-violence and human rights.
To this end the annual Children's Conference was established in collaboration with Italian schools; in accordance with Provincial Law no.11/91 on the promotion and diffusion of the culture of peace and Provincial Law no. 18/88 on international cooperation, the Foundation also introduced courses at the International University of People's Institutions for Peace (IUPIP), the MIGRA Project and the Permanent Balkan Observatory. The MIGRA Project is a close collaboration with ISODARCO, the first international school for disarmament.

The International University of People's Institutions for Peace (IUPIP) was founded in 1993 and is a centre for research and training in the fields of people’s diplomacy, non-violence, conflict transformation, peace education and international solidarity as cooperation for sustainable development.
The primary recipients of its initiatives are non-governmental organisations and civil mobilisation movements working to sustain peace. The UIPIP is supported by the Trentino Peace Forum, the Municipality of Rovereto and the Autonomous Province of Trento, which contributes financially in accordance with provincial laws 11/91 and 18/88.

The fundamental aims of the IUPIP are:
- to promote a culture of peace and global unity in the spirit of UNESCO programmes;
- to contribute to the establishment of a world order based on the exercise of human rights;
- to spread the principles of non-violence;
- to educate people to take an active part in people’s diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of conflict by developing appropriate skills and abilities;
- to offer a training course for workers in international cooperation and encourage the construction of a network of associations.

With a view to encouraging and raising awareness of the enormous issues concerned with peace education in its broadest sense today, the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and the IUPIP are committed to the promotion and construction of a political culture based on engagement and participation, discussion and active exchange between citizens through the organisation of international, national and local events in order to provide opportunities for growth, debate and the development of new ideological and practical pathways for pacifist dialogue.


In the international sphere, IUPIP's “traditional” activities include the three-week residential course aimed mainly at foreign visitors (but also open to Italians) who are active members of non-governmental organisations and citizens of civil society.
The fundamental themes explored during the course are people's diplomacy, non-violence and associated topics; particular attention is naturally placed on international affairs and the most pressing issues in the historical contexts of the participants' countries of origin. The original international course reached its 12th edition in 2004, and over the years, other two-week international courses have been added:

- the course on human rights and conflict transformation, introduced in 1998, the first two editions (1998-2000) of which were aimed at Israeli and Palestinian law students, and the third edition (2003) geared to Israeli and Palestinian activists and delegates from Northern Ireland, in an attempt to provide a comparison between different conflicts;
- the course in 2002 on Globalisation, the right to health and the battle against cancer, aimed at workers in the medical, social and healthcare sectors;
- a Spanish language course in 2004: Peace, conflict and non-violence in the age of globalisation, focusing on the effects of globalisation in Latin America and addressed specifically at Latin-American activists.

Over the years, the following training courses have been offered at national and local level:

- course for trainers in conscientious objection and alternative national service, introduced in 1994 and which has now become a residential seminar of reflection on the dynamics of transformation of national service and the concrete opportunities for the development of individual and collective commitment;
- course in education for non-violence, people's diplomacy and global solidarity, started in 1997 and aimed at the world of work, schools and associations for the promotion of humanity at national level;
- training course in intercultural education, run in collaboration with several high schools in the Province of Trento and addressed predominantly at the world of training, information and hospitality;
- training course in cooperation for development and international solidarity, an initiative that seeks to construct a culture of cooperation manifested in various activities such as a basic course, a two-level planning workshop, a module on the evaluation of quality indicators, an international seminar organised by Trentino associations and their respective foreign partners, a study trip to the Balkans, decentralised workshops throughout the Trentino area and in-depth public discussions.


- IUPIP Newsletter: an English-language e-letter with information and discussion, geared particularly to participants on the international courses;
- the Alternative series (Edizioni Gruppo Abele): a series of concise books in which materials presented or prepared in the course of the IUPIP's activities (mostly by international experts) are published in Italian, alongside other contributions on the major issues regarding peace;
- Quaderni per la pace: single-issue publications dealing with questions connected with the world of international cooperation;
- Trentino senza confini, in collaboration with the Balkan Observatory and the Autonomous Province of Trento: an informative bulletin giving information on international cooperation, aimed at associations operating in the sector and interested individual citizens.

Observatory on discrimination against immigrants at work

is a partnership between ATOS Servizi srl, Fondazione Fontana ONLUS and the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation. The project is the result of a selection made in a competition financed by the European Social Fund as part of the EQUAL initiative, which began in 2004. The role of the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and, in the initial phase, UIPIP, will be to create an Observatory for the purposes of monitoring the degree of discrimination against immigrants in the workplace. Monitoring will be carried out through research, data collection and the drafting of intermediary and final assessment reports.
The Observatory will be in operation from 2005.

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