Friday 21 September at 18:00

One hundred years ago the Great war concluded and began a hope period. Four empires were extinguished in just five years, that that was held impossible was happened, showing that the runs of the history are unpredictable and that a different world can be dreamt, also when the events seem to deny every possibility to the dream of peace.

To 100 years from the useless slaughter, the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, been born really after the war, it wants to celebrate the international Day of the Peace.

UN invites those who love the Bell to strengthen and disseminate UN activities, for such reason September 21st 2018, near the main office of the Foundation it will be celebrated the international Day of the peace with the objective to promote the agenda 2030 and in this specific case the binomial peace-sport.

They will intervene besides the regent of the Foundation: the Italian ambassador near the Suggestion of Europe, dott. Mark Marsilli, the national President of the Cones, dott. Giovanni Malagò, the dott.ssa Maria Aiello, teacher by law of the sport and Manuela Moelgg athlete blue alpine ski, Yellow GS Fiamme, Stephen Bizotto will conduct, journalist sporting RAI.

Each of the presents will bring his own contribution regarding the theme of the day, peace - sport, each for his own competences, institutional, sporting, academic, of testimony and journalistic.

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