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  • Workshop 1

In addition to the normal workshops organised for the past few years at the headquarters of the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, since the academic year 2012-13, two special workshops have been introduced, run in collaboration with the War Museum; these will be repeated in the academic year 2016-17. The workshops are run by staff of the Rovereto War Museum, with assistance from employees of the Foundation (Morena Berti and Martino Cornali) for elements relating to the Bell of the Fallen. Each year some 2,000 children benefit from the educational activities provided by the Foundation, and with approximately ten trainers, the Museum of War reaches around 18,000 children annually. The joint workshop programme is organised by the education sections of both institutions, and in the academic year 2015-16 some 1,300 children (70 class groups) used the joint programme.

Workshops run in collaboration with the Museum of War are structured as follows:


Workshop 1


The first part of the workshop takes place at the War Museum, where the pupils reconstruct the experience of soldiers through the examination of objects and photographs. A tour of the exhibits is also an opportunity for reflection on the way in which the Museum has represented the conflict over the course of time.

The journey continues at the Bell of the Fallen with an educational session devoted to the construction of public remembrance of the Great War in the 1920s and 30s. Collective memory was built around enormously powerful symbols (e.g. the Milite Ignoto / Unknown Soldier) and encouraged the formation of a uniform image of the nation that suffered the tragedy of war. By means of videos and photographs, some of Italy's major initiatives are examined: the construction of monuments, the transformation of cemeteries into memorial monuments, the organisation of commemoration ceremonies. Following a visit to the Bell of the Fallen, participants can reflect on the history of this important symbol and its current role within international bodies dedicated to the promotion of peace, such as the Council of Europe and the UN. The workshop concludes at the military memorial in Rovereto.

Pupils can walk from the Bell to the memorial monument via the "Walking in Peace" path.


  • Workshop 2

2017 sees the continuation of the possibility of a guided visit inclusive of an educational workshop focused on the Foundation's work in the promotion of a culture of peace among younger generations. The story of Maria Dolens, and that of the people who created it, is presented as an example of a development which has grown in time to reach world significance, gaining recognition from top-level international bodies in the promotion of democracy and human rights (the UN and the Council of Europe). A consideration of the 93 flags that fly on Miravalle Hill and the significance of the endorsement by states and institution to the Maria Dolens Memorandum of Peace serves as a starting point for debate on globalism as an exercise in constructive coexistence.


Aims: This programme aims to give young people an understanding of the importance of Maria Dolens as a symbol and the work carried out by the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation in promoting a culture of peace.

Procedure and timing: Visits run throughout the year

Collaboration with other organisations: active collaboration with the Rovereto War Museum

Expected outcomes: to maintain or increase the guided visits and the presence of young people at the Bell of the Fallen and to provide them with a workshop in collaboration with the Rovereto War Museum.


  • Work Placements

The Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation offers a programme of training courses for the academic year 2016-17.

In particular, activities with the students of the tourism department of the “Don Milani” high school in Rovereto will continue, with the provision of work experience at the Foundation:

- management of the ticket office and bookshop;

- guided visits: following a course of training provided by the Foundation's education staff (Martino Cornali and Morena Berti) covering the history and peace-related activities of the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and the symbol of Maria Dolens, some pupils will leaded guided tourist visits to the Bell of the Fallen


Aims: This scheme aims to train young people in the Bell's message of Peace and develop their communication skills by providing "on the job" experience of the management and operational aspects of running a museum.

Procedure and timing: during the school year, and on request during the summer holidays

Collaboration with other organisations: collaboration with the “Don Milani” high school in Rovereto and other high schools

Expected outcomes: by the end of their experience at the Foundation, the young people will be able to undertake some aspects of visitor reception in a museum context and develop their knowledge of aspects of promotion, internal management and guided visits.

Guided Visits
Guided visits are arranged subject to booking by phone or email. The price of a guided visit is €2 per pupil. Entry is free of charge for teachers.

Contact and Bookings
For enquiries, to book a meeting or a guided visit, please contact the head of education, Dr Martino Cornali, at
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti,
Largo Padre Eusebio Iori,
Colle di Miravalle, 38068 Rovereto,
telephone: 0464/434412,
fax: 0464/434084,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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