It was 24 May 1925, the tenth anniversary of Italy's entry in the Great War.

The Bell had left Trento the previous day and arrived in Rovereto in the evening, where it remained at the city gates overnight in order to make its triumphal entrance the following morning. In his diary, Don Rossaro gives an excellent description of the triumphant journey through the towns of the Adige Valley to Rovereto: "23 May: The Bell is in Trento. It is carried past the monument to Dante, covered in a tricolor. The Bell departs at 1:30 among the firing of cannons and the ringing of immense crowd accompanies it..." [a crowd of wounded and disabled soldiers assembled for a conference in Trento, and ordinary citizens. At Mattarello there was a great welcome, a triumphal arch had been erected and adorned with flags and the entire population of the village, with its dignitaries, was present to salute its passing].

"The afternoon's journey through the valley is a continued triumph.

  • Calliano: light drizzle. Huge amounts of flowers thrown. An old lady cries from her window: “Adess moro contenta!”(Now I’m happy).
  • Castel Pietra: a tribute from a sick elderly lady who is carried up to the Bell and lays a bunch of flowers.
  • The entire populations of Nomi and Pomarolo are out on the main road.
  • Volano: the Bell arrives at 5. Pouring rain. Crowds of people and an enthusiastic welcome.
  • S.Ilario: welcome at the High School.
  • 6 o'clock, arrival at Rovereto. The Bell stops in front of the Convent of S. Rocco, where the Fathers watch over it through the night.
  • A truck brings Carla Della Beffa's painting from Milan.
  • All evening, until late at night, the Bell is visited by the citizens.
  • • The Della Beffa family arrives, to a festive welcome from all [...]
  • • Crowned with flowers, the Bell awaits dawn..."

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