To be held in Rovereto from 1-7 October 2017

For more than 15 years, Solidarity Water Europe has organised the European Young People's Parliament for Water (EYPW). Each Parliament lasts 6 days, and is held in a different country. Young people from all over Europe come together to reflect - through seminars, debates, workshops, field trips etc - on an issue related to water.

The theme: 

The theme:

This year's theme is "Water and Peace": a hot topic in current times. The aim is, first and foremost, to enhance participants' awareness of the issue so that they can reflect and discuss ways in which water can contribute to the development of a true culture of peace. Plenary sessions, seminars and field trips will allow different aspects of the issue to be approached and developed.


  • To increase young people's understanding of the importance of water as a resource and the fundamental problems connected with it.
  • To encourage and sustain young people's involvement in the learning process around the challenges in water management, through concrete projects and participation in various discussions about water taking place at local, national and international level.
  • • To facilitate exchange and solidarity among young Europeans regarding various issues linked to water.

The 14th EYPW will take place in Rovereto, Trento province, Italy from 1 to 7 October 2017. It will be co-organised by the SWE and its local partners, the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and the Municipality of Rovereto.

From 1 to 7 October, the European Youth Parliament for Water



A week of debates and talks by experts and activists in the field of water, environmental commitment and knowledge of the local situation. The initiative is organised by Solidarité Eau Europe, the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and the Municipality of Rovereto. 

The Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation in Rovereto is preparing for another important event. Following last week's chess challenge between Russia and Ukraine, aimed at redefining the role of the arbiter for the resolution of international controversy, from Sunday 1 October Rovereto will host the European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW), which brings together a hundred young people aged between 17 and 25 from all over Europe to get them thinking through lessons, debates, workshops, field trips etc - on the theme of Water and Peace.

The European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW) was conceived in 2003 by Solidarité Eau Europe. The Parliaments are held in a different country each time, and the 14th edition is organised in collaboration with the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and the Municipality of Rovereto. The purpose of the Parliament is to bring young Europeans together around a specific aspect of the issue of water, such as, for example, risks associated with water use, governance of resources, management of water quality and quantity and the protection of natural habitats.

In addition to raising young people's awareness of the crucial problem of unequal distribution of the planet's water resources, the Parliament seeks to be an opportunity for the practice of democracy, during which the participants can discuss, express themselves freely and in a structured way, listen and respond with respect for the interlocutor and take other people's views into account. The Parliament is a school of democracy, tolerance, solidarity and reflection. Reflection on a given problem and possible ways of helping to solve it. The work done during the week - the practical exercises, visits, seminars with experts and activists in the field of water and environmental commitment - leads the young people to develop proposals for concrete action and initiatives that they can then take back to their countries, their communities, schools and associations.

The theme of the 14th Parliament, to be held in Rovereto, is Water and Peace. It will attempt to explore how water, often considered to be at the root of conflict, can actually become a tool for dialogue, conscientious co-responsibility and beneficial sharing. In a world in which the reasons for conflict - armed or otherwise - are numerous, it is important to give a central place to actions which facilitate dialogue, understanding and acceptance of others, and goodwill in the service of the common good. Leaving the work of "peace facilitator" to governments and other institutional authorities via diplomacy at all levels, young people can take on a significant role at the heart of civil society: that of encouraging a "culture of peace", dialogue, acceptance and tolerance.

Until 7 October, Rovereto will host young people from Turkey, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Malta, Latvia, Kosovo, Italy, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Armenia, Russia, Spain and Strasbourg. The event begins on the evening of Sunday 1 October with a welcome address and a general information session with the organisers. On Monday morning the delegations will introduce themselves, highlighting their commitment to Peace and Water. In the afternoon is the official start of work at the Palazzo della Regione in Trento, with welcome speeches from Bruno Dorigatti, President of the Trento Provincial Council; Alberto Robol, Regent of the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation; Pio Wennubst, Ambassador and Head of the Swiss Global Cooperation Department; Antonella Cagnolati, President of Solidarity Water Europe, and Claire Pace.

Another solemn moment will be on Wednesday 4 October, when the young people will climb the Miravalle Hill to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the first ringing of Maria Dolens. This 4 October will be a very special day, marked by the presence of the members of the European Youth Parliament for Water. After the official ceremony, the schoolchildren of Rovereto, the general public and the Parliament will celebrate Peace, Water and Maria Dolens together by singing the Ode to Joy.

Throughout the week, for the various activities, the participants will be split into small groups and meet with the residents in the streets of Rovereto and Trento. They will carry out short video interviews, visit the Path of Peace and meet international experts. The week will conclude with the presentation, discussion and adoption of the collective declaration by the members of the 14th European Youth Parliament for Water, and the delivery of the text to the local authorities.

An indication of the importance of this initiative is its endorsement by local sponsors Dolomiti Energia, ITAS Assicurazioni and Pama and international sponsors Agence de l’Eau Artois – Picardie and the Swiss Global Cooperation Department. The young people will be invited by Dolomiti Energia to visit the hydroelectric plant at Santa Massenza, and the firm's president Rudi Oss will take part in a round table discussion.











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