On the occasion of ninety-first National Alpine Meeting, which will take place to Trento from the 11 th to the 13 th of May, the Foundation extend the invitation to everyone for the ceremony which will take place to Colle di Miravalle on Friday 11 th May.

Colle di Miravalle and the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation Opera will welcome the first event of three days of National Alpine Meeting to Trento.
After the flag-raising which will take place to the Duomo place to Trento, you will move to Rovereto, the peace's city, to remember Fallen in the year of the centenary of the end of the Great War.
At 9:15 it will have a ceremony to the Campana following at 11:00 by the arriving of the torch and deposition of a crown to commemorate the Fallen during the Mass.
We remind that for the Alpine week, it’s preferable to call the Foundation to book and to indicate the arrival time at the structure.
We remind that the morning of Friday 11 th May the road access to the Campana will be closed and buses will have to park to the former alp area where a shuttle bus service will be guaranteed.
For more information on the event or the program, contact the COA or refer to the site of the Meeting.

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