«There are no small parts, only small actors ». Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavskij, author of the most cited and least applied method in the theater, had clear ideas. Of course, every representation has its protagonists, but without the "secondary characters" the stories do not go on. And in that great big representation that is the world, where everyone tries to play a leading role, not always receiving a standing ovation, there is a small country that is in actual fact not a small country, for it has made peace its point of reference, always.

Perhaps also for this reason, San Marino adhered to the Peace Memorandum of the Bell of the Fallen before joining the Council of Europe and the United Nations. We were reminded of this by the Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of San Marino, Sergio Mercuri, during the inauguration of the exhibition which opened on May 7 at the Embassy and which carries the message of Maria Dolens even to those latitudes. «The Rovereto Peace Bell is particularly close in the history of strengthening San Marino's international identity», said Mercuri, recalling that the signature dates back to May 5, 1960, at a time when San Marino was completely isolated from an international point of view and also relations with Italy were difficult as the Friendship Treaty between San Marino and Italy was only signed in 1971.

This was echoed by the ambassador Maria Giovanna Fadiga, a classical and humanistic philologist, very active in the promotion of Italian culture abroad, who referred to «a folder dedicated to the ‘Campana dei Caduti’ pledge, whose first document was signed by the then Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Federico Bigi». From that request, she added, «a documented alliance was born in all its passages, which demonstrates how San Marino has an international opening through initiatives of high ethical value».

The exhibition, inaugurated on the occasion of the 93rd Gathering of the Alpine troops in Rimini and San Marino, is open until June 19th.

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