«World peace cannot be safeguarded without creative efforts commensurate with the dangers that threaten it.» This sentence is part of a speech delivered by French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann on 9 May 1950 when he announced the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community that we know today as the European Union.
And this is why we think it is even more important today to talk about the European Union, the European Union we want, the EU we want to live in.
Quoting Antonio, when he was asked «Why the European Union?». He replied: «Because history speaks: the implications without the EU would be unthinkable and essentially tragic.» Antonio fell in love with the European Union when he understood how important it was in our daily life, how it affects every single aspect of it, how our history has positively changed thanks to it. However, Antonio also immediately grasped the difficulty of the EU in representing itself correctly both in terms of the positive aspects that must be valued and the negative aspects that must be addressed.
After the Strasbourg attack in December 2018, in which he lost his life, we decided to continue his work and to amplify his voice again. We thus created the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation to promote, organize and support initiatives and events to carry forward Antonio's European dream. The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage education and promote a culture of legality, favoring the development of critical thinking, public participation and an ethical sense in the community.

For this reason, since last year we have created the «Ambassadors Project», which gives centrality to young people. Now the call is open and every university student can apply and be part of this project. Both the “Ambassadors” and the young students participating in this first edition of the Project are enthusiastic and we are so proud to see how they work with curiosity, passion and a sense of commitment. Above all, it is of the utmost importance that they recognize their role as citizens in the present and future of the European Union.
This is the reality we live in, we must be aware that we can be involved in every aspect and we can make a difference.
We will soon go to the Bell to celebrate this day and remember some fathers (... and mothers, and sons and daughters) founders of the European Union.
So, we will continue to study and discover the European Union and some of you will perform the simulation of a session of the European Parliament.
What is being done here today is another extraordinary democratic exercise: young people from different countries, working on some of the most important issues at the European level, approach the decision-making process with preparation and willpower, creating a strong network of young citizens who holds the keys to the future.

Luana Moresco, president of the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation

The implications without the EU would be unthinkable and essentially tragic


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