A narrative centred on respect and defence of civil rights. This is the declared aim of "Human Crossing – Footprints of culture and Peace", the exhibition devised by Roberto Ronca and Debora Salardi, opening on 8th April at the Peace Gallery, the exhibition space at the Peace Bell. The intention is to represent the path of the human race, with all its contradictions, and to do so without prejudices. For this, Artistic Director Roberto Ronca has chosen works by Francesca Lolli and Ignazio Fresu - two very different narrative worlds, both converging in their rejection of any type of discrimination.

Fresu's installations offer us a silent environment, made up of petrified scenery where human beings are totally absent. A world that makes sense only at the moment when we enter it to experience a narrative composed of equality, of solidarity, Peace and freedom. Scenes are created around us, static at some unspecified point in the timeline. Perhaps everything is ephemeral, but our footprints remain and may represent a signal for change.

Francesca Lolli does the exact opposite: the body and her voice become weapons against any form of discrimination. Ironic, sarcastic and direct, she pitilessly demolishes gender stereotypes. Her performances denounce male chauvinism, patriarchy and any form of abuse of power and discrimination. Screaming out for those who cannot speak and for those who are not listened to.

Different aesthetics and narrative worlds converge in rejecting prejudice

The two artists so different that they represent two sides of the same coin, which never see one another, but remain closely connected. Fresu bamboozles you with poetry. He makes you enter what seems to be a romantic illusion and envelops you in melancholy, to then hurl an unexpected blow, a blunt message that forces you to face up to your own limitations. Lolli starts almost by joking, lures you into what may seem a normal theatrical performance and then disarms you by making you face a sincerity that is completely without filters, that speaks to you in the first person, compelling you to confront your own prejudices. Two artists who appeal to our humanity, Lolli by demolishing the superfluous elements, and Fresu by revealing their futility.

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