Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Brussels. We’ve been told that from the beginning, but we tend to forget it. "Europe cannot be built at once, nor will it be built all together; it will arise from concrete achievements that above all create real solidarity". When writing the Schuman Declaration, the founding fathers had clear ideas and two world wars behind them. They knew what it meant to be divided and opposed. Thanks to them, we have never been bombed, targeted by snipers, sent to the trenches or to fly a fighter. We who may live safely in our cozy homes, Primo Levi teaches, risk forgetting not only what we have received as a gift, but above all that "World Peace cannot be safeguarded without creative efforts, proportional to the dangers that threaten it". It is almost a poem, embedded in the Charter on which Europe is founded. Peace and creativity. The daily bread of Maria Dolens.

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