Thinking back to the days immediately preceding the Round Table of talks which we wish to present, albeit in summary, the first feeling is that of satisfaction at being able to conclude a much desired initiative which in some moments seemed impossible to accomplish. The pandemic and the restrictions that have duly followed have made "face to face" meetings ever more complicated, but this project justified a particular determination due to the need we felt to offer a multidisciplinary reflection on a central theme such as that of Goal 8 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In addition to the speakers who guaranteed a high professional level, special thanks go to Achille Spinelli, Councillor for Economic Development, Research and Labour of the Province of Trento and to Giulia Robol, Deputy Mayor of Rovereto who wished to participate in the meeting as a gesture of their closeness and support to the activity of Maria Dolens.


Reggente Marco Marsilli, Foundation President

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