We are closed in again, but this time we are ready. The emergency confronted us with the need to rethink the entire activity of the Foundation, but the crisis, as always happens once the initial moment of disorientation has passed, has offered us several opportunities. In particular, it gave us time to reflect on new ways to enjoy the places connected to the Bell and to communicate the values ​​it represents. The need is to not close the gates, at least not completely, even in extreme situations such as the one we are experiencing. During the first emergency we "kept open" the Bell by making it "talk" every day in the newspaper "L’Adige". A word of thanks goes to the generosity of the newspaper. The idea of ​​staying in direct contact in some way has now generated other initiatives that use the internet, social networks and websites. Many people from Trentino who are lucky enough to live in their own territory have asked for this, but also the "Trentini nel mondo"(Trentino People in the World), those tens of thousands of children and grandchildren of emigrants who are able to keep a relationship alive with their land of origin through the internet.

For them and for all those who will not be able to go up to the Colle for reasons of geographical distance, health, or even just because of an understandable distrust in going to public places in times of social distancing, we have developed a series of tools that will allow them to follow the activity of Maria Dolens. A virtual tour of the monumental area and the entire site will be inaugurated on the Foundation's website ( by the end of December. 360-degree navigable photographs and related information as well as the reproduction of speeches given in particular events will be available and will be constantly updated. But the trademark remains the Bell. The people of Rovereto already hear it every evening. Even when the Foundation centre is closed, the tolls ring throughout the valley. Now everyone can see Maria Dolens and hear her sound, live. Thanks to a webcam and an audio recording system, the hundred strokes of peace will be broadcast on the Foundation's website and social channels every evening. The winter timetable set for 20.30 will be in force until 27 March and will return thereafter to 21.30. Stay tuned.

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