When Maria Dolens is in the period of deserved winter rest, the representatives of the Rovereto Peace Bell Foundation are involved in preparing the program of activities for the year 2021. This commitment is made more complex, compared to previous experiences, due to the prolongation of the serious epidemiological emergency. This fact translates into a general insecurity with regard to the time needed to resume events and demonstrations "in person", which undoubtedly constitutes the primary objective to which all the promoting entities tend to focus their creative and organizational efforts regardless of the sphere of competence.

In the case of our Foundation the current, objective situation of uncertainty, in which the health of each individual person represents a priority to be safeguarded, is associated with the observation of how the Colle di Miravalle hill constitutes a privileged area due to its spiritual appeal and scenographic charm. Proof of this is that even in 2020, a year characterized by protracted periods of closure to the public, the monumental space of the Bell of the Fallen despite recording an inevitable decrease in attendance compared to the previous 12 months was able to fair, in terms of percentage, much better than the average of national museums.

Taking this into account, the Foundation is using this period to enhance the image and attractiveness of the Bell of the Fallen also in a hitherto unprecedented dimension "at a distance " with the concrete support of the Province of Trento and the Municipality of Rovereto. Among the main measures contemplated is a monthly newsletter in Italian and English which has been created and is intended to broaden knowledge in history and current events. The project that allows detailed virtual visits to the monumental area, which can be carried out from the Foundation's website, has also been completed. A more extensive presence on social networks is also planned.

In developing these modern information tools, the intention of the Foundation is clear and that is to allow above all those who do not yet know it to initiate preliminary contact that should be completed - as soon as external circumstances allow - with the discovery of places that are deeply reminiscent and evocative. Foundation collaborators are highly motivated in imagining a return to the usual life of the “Bosco della Pace”Park, the Parco della Memoria (Memorial Park) and the colorful Viale delle Bandiere (Flag Avenue), a path that leads to the reassuring grandeur of Maria Dolens.

On the subject of flags, the 100th member of the Peace Memorandum will certainly be formalized in 2021, a result that places the Foundation in a position of unquestionable prestige compared to other Italian associations in terms of the diffusion and quality of international projection.

It should in fact be considered that the network of relations maintained with the diplomatic representations in Rome is accompanied by the qualified partnerships in place with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the United Nations in New York. It is the firm intention of the Foundation Board to make the most of this significant milestone of the 100 flags through an ad hoc event which is a testimony of the path followed yet at the same time provides encouragement towards new objectives.

With reference to the further events planned for 2021 (consisting of a mix of conferences and debates, concerts and art exhibitions and poignant events of historical anniversaries) the hope confessed seems to be that of an improvement in the health situation in its entirety, able to allow safe access to the spaces of the Foundation.

In this regard, it is worth emphasizing once more how the realization of this more favorable scenario over the next few months also depends on the sense of responsibility of each of us.

In keeping with the tradition of expressing a wish at the start of each new year I hereby express my wish, without any reservation, towards the search for a new-found normality which may allow Maria Dolens to continue her authoritative work of raising awareness of the undoubted merits and undeniable advantages of Peace between States and constructive coexistence among populations towards a wider and more cosmopolitan audience without external conditioning.


"Reggente" Marco Marsilli, Foundation President

marco marsili

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