There are people who have worked as politicians or diplomats accumulating enormous experience which, at the end of the mandate, risks being lost. Democracy works like this, and it works well: you cannot remain in office indefinitely as happens in forms of government that in the West are referred to as regimes. However, it might be useful to find a way to continue to capitalize on the knowledge of people who have successfully exercised what Otto von Bismarck brilliantly called "the art of the possible, the science of the relative".

For those who persist in thinking that it is not true that politicians «are all the same» because we are not «in an Alberto Sordi film», as Nanni Moretti cried in his film Ecce Bombo, a sign comes from Leaders pour la Paix, a multicultural organization that brings together men and women experts in politics, coming from every corner of the world, without any religious or ideological discrimination. Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, president of the association, has repeatedly explained that the initiative stems from the concern regarding «the increase in international tensions and the increasingly decisive use of violence». In this situation, the Leaders pour la Paix intend to place themselves «at the service of an inclusive multilateralism based on the pedagogy of Peace, mediation and participation of all the active members of society». «The tragedies of migrants, the grave scars of the pandemic, the anxieties of young people and the parallel escalations of selfishness, violence and despair are at the centre of our concerns» he added, announcing that in the awareness «of the crucial role of education in prevention» the decision was made together with his collaborators «to create an international network of itinerant workshops of Peace». The aim is to provide an academic background that facilitates the understanding of the world and its challenges, in particular to young people in countries at risk of war or already in conflict, to give them «the necessary tools to be perpetrators of Peace in their own environment».

An organization that brings together experts from all corners of the world, without any religious or ideological discrimination

Leaders pour la Paix are not tired of working, even if they have retired. They have no social, religious or cultural prejudices. They work on the same concepts underlying the message launched by the Rovereto Peace Bell every evening, since 4 October 1925. And anyone who follows the path marked by Maria Dolens will always be at home on the Colle di Miravalle, because politicians are not «all the same», not even in Alberto Sordi's films.

The former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin

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