An exhibition of works by Liberio Furlini entitled «Recovery of our origins» was inaugurated on 15 January at Colle di Miravalle and will remain open until 15 February. The aim, explains the curator, Claudio Matté, is to investigate our origins «to understand how important it is to take time, not to rush and leave out the important things, to be aware that there is no future without a rethinking of the past». In the exhibition Furlini offers reproductions of cave paintings. He allows us to reflect, to turn the clock back ten thousand years, to rediscover a more human pace and to mark our rhythms which vary according to the region of the world in which we live. The works, which total more than fifty and represent all continents, «have the characteristic of remaining faithful to the original whilst still interpreting it» explains the curator. The exhibition, continues Matté, essentially seeks «to create a reflection on our origins. Art came even before words, as an act of the will to express ourselves in order to be understood and limit conflicts. These thoughts, expressed by our ancestors inside the caves where they sought shelter, were the first type of communication».

Bear and panther - France - Chauvet cave

Bison - Spain - Cave of Altamira

Reindeer - France - Lascaux cave

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