Three conferences organized by the foundation will take place in March. The meaning, history and relevance today of Maria Dolens will be at the center of a brief cycle of two meetings held by Professor Armando Vadagnini. On 9 and 16 March at 5.30 pm, the historian, author of numerous publications and one of the leading experts on the subject will hold two webinars open to all. Tuesday 9 March Vadagnini will focus on the theme "The Bell of the Fallen from its origins to the ‘80s: a path of constant strengthening of its "mission” throughout the territory and internationally". The following week, on 16 March, the focal point will be "The Bell of the Fallen: grappling with the new challenges posed by a constantly changing reality and its increasing role as protagonist of Peace". Tuesday 23, however, will be the moment of art with the presentation of the exhibition «Human Crossing | Footprints of Culture and Peace » while the inauguration will take place on 17 April. Roberto Ronca, curator of the exhibition and art critic Caterina Orioli will elucidate the poetics of the artists Pablo Caviedes and Giulio Orioli, the protagonists of the event. The meetings will be preceded by an introduction from "Reggente" Marco Marsilli, Foundation President. For information on how to participate, consult the website

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