Commitment and results, this is what counts, without forgetting though that others exist who are sometimes more persistent and this we must accept. This ‘motto’ applies to sport but also to Peace. The important thing is to learn how to get back up when you lose since sooner or later a victory or an international agreement will surely come but continuing to try is a result in itself.

Any sport can be a metaphor for almost all human activities, but athletics has always represented something special, mainly because those who practice it measure themselves before their opponent. You have to run fast, throw the weight far away or jump as high as possible. Then if no one does better, you win. There is no undetected offside nor are there non-existent penalties or opponents to exploit the weakness of your backhand. There is only one number to tell you if you have managed to exceed your limit or if you will have to try again. In short, it depends on you, on what you decide to do, on what you can achieve, on how much you are willing to commit yourself and on the talent you have. The same can be said for those who fight to expand the perimeter of the areas of the world that are at peace, who try to get at least a few kilometers ahead, at least a few meters higher, between all the victories and defeats, the exciting moments and all the bitter disappointments and exhaustion.

Perhaps then it is no coincidence that the “Palio Città della Quercia” has been held in Rovereto since 1965, which is not only one of the oldest athletics meetings in Italy, but also a way to remind everyone where the city of peace is located with its museums and its Bell. This year Gianmarco Tamberi, gold medalist in the high jump at the Tokyo Olympics was also a guest and also on this occasion went high, up the hill to Colle di Miravalle in order to meet Maria Dolens. Also present were several athletes representing the American delegation and Margherita Magnani for the Italian Athletics Federation. They were received by the Foundation President Reggente Marco Marsilli and accompanied also by Councilor Arianna Miorandi of the Municipality of Rovereto.

A special visit for us, of course, but also a reminder for the champions: if sport does promote peace then jumping an inch higher is worth so much more than just a medal.

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